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Engraved thermoadhesive applications are an ideal complement both to repair clothes and to personalize or customize clothes. Easy to apply and fun to combine with other elements of the world of fashion and creativity are presented in various forms, they can be shield type, classic shapes such as square, rectangular, circular, triangular, etc. or by cutting the outline of the figures. LECCO places special emphasis on the design and themes of its collections of thermo-adhesive engraved patches. Our goal is to offer both classic and current designs to provide solutions to the ever-changing world of fashion, trends and creativity.

The applications laser-engraved thermo-adhesive offer surprising textures to the motifs or shields, allowing to play with the thicknesses and the roughness of the designs. The versatility it provides facilitates the fact of being able to present all kinds of designs: shields, names, faces, objects, etc. and even to make small grooves or holes in the application thus allowing the tissue to be transferred where it is applied in order to increase its combination ability. LECCO offers in its catalog applications or thermo-adhesive motifs engraved in suede or denim.

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Engraved applications
Engraved applications
Engraved applications
Engraved applications
Engraved applications
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